The workshop will take place on Tuesday November 7th, during AIxIA 2023.

The program of the workshop includes a rich set of presentations from all the OVERLAY thematic areas, and a great invited talk.

Note for speakers:

  • Contributed talks will be given a slot of ~15 minutes.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Rome!

Tuesday 7th

10:55 — 11:00
Welcome and opening of the workshop
Learning and Formal Methods for Continuous Systems
Chair: Andrea Brunello
11:00 — 11:15
Formal Design of Cyber-Physical Systems with Learning-Enabled Components
Thao Dang
11:17 — 11:32
Summary of Supervisory Control Synthesis of Timed Automata Using Forcible Events
Michel Reniers
Learning and Formal Methods for Discrete Systems
Chair: Andrea Brunello
11:34 — 11:49
On Challenges and Opportunities in the Translation of Deep Neural Networks into Finite Automata
Marco Sälzer , Eric Alsmann , Martin Lange
11:51 — 12:06
Towards Machine Learning Enhanced LTL Monitoring
Luca Geatti , Angelo Montanari , Nicola Saccomanno
11:08 — 12:23
Towards Large Language Model Architectures for Knowledge Acquisition and Strategy Synthesis
Paolo Giorgini , Andrea Mazzullo , Marco Robol , Marco Roveri
Applications of Learning and Formal Methods
Chair: Nicola Saccomanno
12:25 — 12:40
ODD-based Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Degrading Vehicle Functionality
Yannick Kees , Gerald Sauter , Ryan Mut , Benedikt Franke , Frank Köster , Sven Hallerbach
12:42 — 12:57
Automata-Based Temporal Reasoning in Answer Set Programming with Application to Process Mining
Francesco Chiariello
Invited talk
Chair: Angelo Montanari
14:00 — 14:45
Invited talk
NeuroSymbolic AI: Between Probability and Fuzzyness
Luciano Serafini
Learning and Temporal Reasoning
Chair: Andrea Mazzullo
14:50 — 15:05
A First-Order Interval Temporal Logic for Adjacent Variables Temporal Data
Guido Sciavicco
15:07 — 15:22
Heuristic Minimization Modulo Theory of Modal Decision Trees Class-Formulas
Giovanni Pagliarini , Andrea Paradiso , Sasha Rubin , Guido Sciavicco , Ionel Eduard Stan
Verification of Smart Contracts
Chair: Marco Montali
15:24 — 15:39
Revisiting Formal Verification in VeriSolid: An Analysis and Enhancements
Atefeh Zareh Chahoki , Marco Roveri , Daniel Amyot , John Mylopoulos
15:41 — 15:56
Towards Compliance of Smart Contracts with the European Union Data Act
Luca Olivieri , Luca Pasetto
  Coffee break
Verification and Temporal Logics
Chair: Alessandro Gianola
16:30 — 16:45
Forward LTLf Synthesis: DPLL At Work
Marco Favorito
16:47 — 17:02
Composition of Nondeterministic Services for LTLf Task Specification
Giuseppe De Giacomo , Marco Favorito , Luciana Silo
17:04 — 17:19
Tree Kernels to Support Formal Methods-based Testing of Evolving Specifications
Francesco Altiero , Anna Corazza , Sergio Di Martino , Adriano Peron and , Luigi Libero Lucio Starace
17:21 — 17:36
A Landscape of First-Order Linear Temporal Logics in Infinite-State Verification and Temporal Ontologies
Alessandro Artale , Luca Geatti , Nicola Gigante , Andrea Mazzullo
17:38 — 17:53
Clock Specifications for Temporal Tasks in Planning and Learning
Giuseppe De Giacomo , Marco Favorito , Fabio Patrizi