The workshop will take place on Monday November 28th, the first day of AIxIA 2022.

The program of the workshop includes a rich set of presentations from all the OVERLAY thematic areas, and a great invited talk.

Note for speakers:

  • Contributed talks will be given a slot of ~20 minutes. We would like to leave more room for discussion so we suggest to organize your time in order to reserve approximately 15 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for the discussion.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Udine!

Monday 28th

9:55 — 10:00
Welcome and opening of the workshop
Neural Networks
Chair: Marco Esposito
10:00 — 10:20
Neural Network Verification with DSE
Benedik Böing, Falk Howar, Jelle Hüntelmann, Emmanuel Müller and Richard Stewing
10:20 — 10:40
Constrained Training of Neural Networks via Theorem Proving
Mark Chevallier, Matthew Whyte and Jacques Fleuriot
  Coffee break
Temporal Reasoning
Chair: Luca Geatti
11:15 — 11:35
LTL Modulo Theories over Finite Traces: modeling, verification, open questions
Alessandro Gianola and Nicola Gigante
11:35 — 11:55
Formally Reasoning about Strategies in Mechanisms
Munyque Mittelmann
11:55 — 12:15
Dynamic Controllability of Temporal Networks via Supervisory Control
Matteo Zavatteri, Davide Bresolin, Romeo Rizzi and Tiziano Villa
Epistemic Logic
Chair: Alessandro Gianola
12:15 — 12:35
DELPHIC: Towards an Efficient Possibility-based Epistemic Planning Framework
Alessandro Burigana, Paolo Felli and Marco Montali
12:35 — 12:50
Reasoning about reachability and concurrency in DEL games
Silvia Stranieri
  Lunch break
Invited talk
14:00 — 14:40
Invited talk
stl2vec: semantic preserving embeddings of signal temporal logic
Luca Bortolussi
Chair: Nicola Gigante
14:40 — 15:00
Formal Methods meet XAI: the tool DEGARI 2.0 for Social Inclusion
Antonio Lieto, Gian Luca Pozzato, Manuel Striani, Stefano Zoia and Rossana Damiano
15:00 — 15:20
An application of reinforcement learning in industrial cyber-physical systems
David Heik, Fouad Bahrpeyma and Dirk Reichelt
15:20 — 15:40
Regression Trees for System Models and Prediction
Swantje Plambeck and Görschwin Fey
  Coffee break
Model Checking
Chair: Guido Sciavicco
16:15 — 16:35
Formal Certification of Surrogate Models for Cyber-Physical Systems Verification
Marco Esposito and Leonardo Picchiami
16:35 — 16:55
Uniform Interpolation for the Automated Verification of Data-Aware Business Processes
Alessandro Gianola
16:55 — 17:15
Multi-Models and Multi-Formulas Finite Model Checking for Modal Logic Formulas Induction
Ionel Eduard Stan, Giovanni Pagliarini, Mauro Milella and Andrea Paradiso
SMT and Markov Chains
Chair: Davide Bresolin
17:15 — 17:35
A Modular SMT-based Approach for Data-aware Conformance Checking
Paolo Felli, Alessandro Gianola, Marco Montali, Andrey Rivkin and Sarah Winkler
17:35 — 17:55
From POMDP executions to probabilistic axioms
Daniele Meli, Giulio Mazzi, Alberto Castellini and Alessandro Farinelli
17:55 — 18:00